COVID-19 Specialist Consultation Guidelines
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  COVID-19 Specialist Consultation Guidelines

  Online specialist consultation for COVID-19 is now available from Shenzhen Second People's Hospital Internet Hospital to prevent cross infection. Please follow the hospitals official Wechat account by scanning the QR code.Then click on “COVID-19 ” menu on the lower right side to consult with our specialists online.



  Patients Need-to-know

        1.Please make an on-line appointment through Wechat official account of Shenzhen People's Hospital.

  2.At the entrance of the Outpatient Building, epidemiological investigation about Covid-19 will be taken,and finish the health declaration of Covid-19.

  3.Please pass the checkpoints by showing the QR code or the message generated after the online health declaration. Otherwise, the offline health declaration will be required under the guidance of staff.

  4.Please wear face mask without air valve.

  5.Please keep one metre away from others in the hospital. 

  6.Please get the test report and pathological?report on the self-service machine.

  7.Strongly advice to pay on the self-service machine or the phone.

  8.There is alcohol-based hand rub in the outpatient area. Please perform hand hygiene frequently.

  9.Please follow the hospital website, as well as the Wechat official account of the hospital and the outpatient department to get the outpatient information.


  Guidelines for Outpatient Service

      1、Outpatient Service Hours

  From Monday to Sunday: 8:00-12:00 14:00-17:00  

  2、Booking Services  

  Offsite booking: 0-7 days in advance

  Onsite booking: self-service machine, toll booth

  By Wechat: To search Wechat official account of Shenzhen Second People's Hospital

  By Telephone: 0755-83366388

  Mobile app: Health 160

  3、About Registration

  To save your valuable time, please try booking in advance. Self-funded patients need to bring valid certificates. Patients with medical insurance need to bring medical insurance cards. Registration is valid in the same day.

  1.During the first visit, patients can make appointments after setting up files.

  2.Patients who have paid for appointments shall go to the triage desk for follow-up examinations.

  3.The first, second, third, fourth and fifth levels of the outpatient service are equipped with registered charge offices.Every clinic area is equipped with self-service booking machines.

  4.Examination fees

  General outpatient service: 25 yuan, Associate chief physician: 33 yuan, Chief physician: 50 yuan.

  5.Diagnosis, Treatment and Payment Procedures

  Patients shall wait for treatments at the triage tables with registration forms, and patients who have registered online shall wait for treatments with the outpatient number at the triage table.

  Patients can pay via mobile phones by scanning the QR code on documents or by following the WeChat official account of Shenzhen Second People's Hospital. Patients can also pay at the toll booths or self-service machines.


  For related medical examination, please go to the corresponding departments according to the application form after paying the fee, or make an appointment in advance.

  7.To get laboratory and examination reports

  Patients can print the laboratory and radiation reports by self-service machines. Other examination reports are available in the corresponding departments. Patients can check the examination reports online by following the WeChat official account of Shenzhen Second People's Hospital.

  8.To get the medicine

  Prescriptions are valid in 24 hours. Patients can get the medicine with paid prescriptions in the pharmacy on the first floor.

  9.Admission procedure

  Inpatients shall go to the admission office with outpatient records and admission notices on the first floor of the inpatient department for the admission procedures .